President’s Address


I welcome you to the Law Students’ Society, Faculty of Law, University of Lagos official website. This is the first step in the mission to bring LSS alive to the needs of her students with a primary objective of taking our members to the world while also bringing the world to them. The need for complete individuals in the legal profession and the world cannot be overemphasized.

Our mission is to create a generation of revolutionary lawyers who will not only excel exceptionally in the legal profession but also become individuals with rounded growth and development.

This we intend to achieve through collaboration with Faculties of Law, Universities, like minded individuals, organizations, corporate entities and the general public. We also exist to promote and further the interests of the students of the Faculty of Law, academically, morally, economically, and spiritually.

To this end, we have put in place Programs, Events, Competitions, Initiatives and Schemes that are geared at making the academic sojourn of each and every student less stressful, academically fulfilling and professionally beneficial.

Our ultimate vision is to create a better world where the values of rule of law and justice shall prevail.

We are here to train, equip and prepare the humanity that will drive the world we seek. Feel free to join us on this journey.

We are the Future! The future is now.

Alliyu Faruq Olasubomi.



All communications are received by the LSS on If you however have specific communications need, do communicate to our specific response team




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