The core drive of The Tax Club from inception is the creation of tax awareness amongst Nigerian youths emphasizing the importance of taxation in the Nigerian society, as there is great disinterest towards the subject of taxation.

Tax Club started with an average attendance of 25 students per weekly meetings in 2005 when the association was inaugurated. As at 2017, we pride ourselves with a minimum attendance of about 120 students per meeting.

The membership of the Club is at 260, and cuts across the departments of Law, Accounting, and Economics, though the bulk of the registered members and followers are Law students.

Similarly, Club now has massive followership on social media platforms. Especially twitter where a lot of enlightenment is carried out through the #TaxThursday platform. Tax Thursday is a weekly or biweekly discussion where salient issues on taxation are discussed by the students and joined by Tax experts.

Pursuant to aforementioned objectives, the Tax Club holds weekly Wednesday programs, wherein salient and contemporary matters bordering taxation are discussed. Bound by a flexible schedule, we meet at 2:00pm at the Faculty of Law Theatre, with guest lecturers gracing our meetings on some occasions.

Furthermore, the Club organizes periodic symposiums to address tax law, policy and administration, whilst also embarking on sensitization programs, and walks, with the drive to educate the public on the essentials of, and importance of taxation in our national life.

We, in addition, organize competitions, such as the annual NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES TAX DEBATE (popularly called the National Tax Debate), where tax issues are examined.

We have also organized a Youth tax Summit, a summit intended to discuss sacrosanct tax issues prevalent in Nigeria

We also engage in journal and paper publications as well as reviews of Tax laws, amongst others. The last publication of the Tax journal is titled the “Tax Anthology”.

The Tax Club, University of Lagos has impacted the essence of taxation in university students for the past decade.

The Club has won the CITN National Tax quiz for the third year.

We have been student delegates at the Annual CITN Tax Conference for the past 5 years

We took part in the World Universities Comparative Project Legal ratings organized by Allen & Overy Global Law Intelligence Unit.

We have organized the ‘TAX WALK’ an awareness procession to orientate, enlighten and educate the populace at large (Bariga axis And Tejuoso Market, Surulere and Iponri in 2014 and 2015, 2017, 2018 respectively). The Tax walk emerged with the aim of building the interest of taxation amongst the Nigerian student, and boosting the tax culture amongst the Nigerian man, this facilitated by the help of the Club’s sponsors, patrons and mentors

We have a framework for the ‘TAX EXPERIENCE’: a career platform to enable our members closely observe and learn from seasoned professionals’ in their work place. The tax experience a departure from the customary career fairs which give no real practical insights into the diverse practice areas of taxation.

We have provided a platform for other schools to startup their own Tax Clubs which was one of the objectives of the National Tax Debate-promoting tax culture across the country. Currently we have facilitated the creation of our other tax clubs (UI, OAU, UNN, UNIMAID, and UNILORIN)

The Club, in addition, boasts of massive social media followership, as well as a huge fan base within and outside the University of Lagos.


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