The Christian Law Students Fellowship (CLASFON) is an offshoot from the Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria. CLASFON in the sense of the students’ fellowship refers to a fellowship for those under training in the university or in the various law schools. CLASFON UNILAG Chapter is currently headed by the President together with a team of 20 executives. CLASFON is an interdenominational fellowship. Her vision is summarized in her motto: A NEW LEGAL PROFESSION ANCHORED ON CHRIST.

CLASFON is aimed at creating a new perspective of legal practice based on the fear of God and to prepare law students as potential lawyers and judges to know the truth and stand for it. In order to achieve this, CLASFON seeks to instill the virtues of Christ in the lives of those who will act as ambassadors in the course of leading the world to the light of justice. Also, CLASFON seeks to develop the conscience of potential lawyers to be able to fight for the common man and restore sound values and morals to the society.

CLASFON UNILAG is a member of zone 3 which consists of Lagos State University, Olabisi Onabanjo University and University of Lagos. You are officially welcome to worship God at CLASFON. Bible Study Meeting holds on Mondays by 5:30 pm. CLASFON services hold by 2pm on Wednesdays at the Chapel Annex.
God Bless You