The Law Students’ Society is the unified body of all undergraduate students of the Faculty of Law at the University of Lagos. Together, we deliver a concerted effort at any engagement involving our law students.

Our mandate is to ensure that all law students metamorphose, over the period of their undergraduate programme, into complete lawyers that possess all required academic skills, practical exposure as well as the needed social skill.

To achieve this mandate, we have synthesized programmes, events, schemes and memberships that add true value to our students making them the best among their peers.


Meet the team responsible for directing the affairs of the Law Students’ Society at the University of Lagos. Equally students, this team was elected to oversee the law students, an indeed daunting task.

Kehinde Akinola
Kehinde Akinola

Kehinde Akinola is the LSS Treasurer and a 400 level student. Born 21st of January. He is a reserved, quiet person who believes strategic and systematic planning is the key to a better society. He is interested in Corporate and Commercial Law and He is a big Football fan and player who believes Real Madrid is the best club in the world.

Olushuyi Olutimilehin
Olushuyi Olutimilehin

Olushuyi Olutimilehin is a 400 level student of the faculty of law. He has special interest in Arbitration and Taxation.

He is fascinated with Functional Law and believes in acknowledging the peculiarities of the Nigerian society that has made its polity unamenable to the structure set by law. He seeks to consciously equip his legal arsenal with skills for realistic law reforms, consultancy and social engineering through law.

You can connect with him through the following media
Twitter @ShuyiOlutimi
Instagram @theshuyi_

Oluwatamilore Sowunmi
Oluwatamilore Sowunmi

Tamilore is currently a 400 level student. She has interests in Family Law, Academia and social work.
She loves listening to music, going out with friends and making the most out of every moment.
She believes that we all should be the change we want to see in the world!
Tamilore can be reached on Instagram- @tamiiee_s and twitter- @tammylore, vicepresident@lssunilag.com.


Efemena Enivwenaye
Efemena Enivwenaye

Efemena Enivwenaye, popularly called “Mena” is a 300 law student. He is the current Sports Secretary of the LSS. He has an obsession with Sports and as a sportsman extraordinaire. He plans to play football professionally but loves entertainment law. A die hard Manchester United Fan. He is also a Vegan, probably the only one in the faculty. Mena can be reached on Twitter @Mehnahmens and Instagram @mehnah.

Alonge Marvellous
Alonge Marvellous

Marvy is a member of the class of ’20. She is the current Financial Secretary of the LSS. Born 20th of February,
She has interests in transparency and accountability oriented movement and also has a thing for charity work. She is a happy child and believes happiness is the key to unlocking a great future

Subomi Hussein
Subomi Hussein

Subomi Hussein is a member of the class of ’20. He is the current Assistant Secretary General of the LSS. Born March 24th. He has interests in diplomacy, volunteering and charity and an Avid Manchester United Fan.

Al-Ameen Sulyman
Al-Ameen Sulyman

Al-Ameen is a 400 level Student, He is the Current Public Relations Officer of the LSS. Born 11th of February. He has interests in various areas of Law including Oil and Gas and Medical Law. He is also a Real Madrid fan who finds a lot of love in Plantain. Al-Ameen can be reached on twitter @lemii_all and Instagram @all_are_meen, publicrelations@lssunilag.com.

Chinemelum Ugochukwu
Chinemelum Ugochukwu

Chineme is a member of the class of ’19. He is the current Social Secretary of the LSS. Born 20th of January. He has interests in Human Rights, Business law and Entrepreneurship. ‘Neme can be reached via the handle @cuvthemogul on twitter and Instagram


Abu Samuel is a member of the law class of 19, the welfare secretary of the LSS. Born 8th of December. His interests spans across literature, creative writing to international areas of law. He’s tagged the Cool, Calm and Collected fellow hence Sam_3C.
@Sammysheyi is his trademarked handle on IG and Twitter

Alliyu Faruq
Alliyu Faruq
Faruq Olasubomi Alliyu Born 16th March, in Ibadan, Attended Maryhill Convent School, Idi-Ape, Iwo Road Ibadan for Primary Education, proceeded to the International School, Ibadan for Junior School and Federal Government College, Ogbomoso for Senior School. He has special interest in Commercial Law with an eye on Insurance and a little bit of Energy Law. His greatest fear is not making the right mistakes while young.


The Christian Law Students Fellowship (CLASFON) is an offshoot from the Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria. CLASFON in the sense of the students’ fellowship refers to a fellowship for those under training in the university or in the various law schools. CLASFON UNILAG Chapter is currently headed by the President together with a team of 20 executives. CLASFON is an interdenominational fellowship. Her vision is summarized in her motto: A NEW LEGAL PROFESSION ANCHORED ON CHRIST.

CLASFON is aimed at creating a new perspective of legal practice based on the fear of God and to prepare law students as potential lawyers and judges to know the truth and stand for it. In order to achieve this, CLASFON seeks to instill the virtues of Christ in the lives of those who will act as ambassadors in the course of leading the world to the light of justice. Also, CLASFON seeks to develop the conscience of potential lawyers to be able to fight for the common man and restore sound values and morals to the society.

CLASFON UNILAG is a member of zone 3 which consists of Lagos State University, Olabisi Onabanjo University and University of Lagos. You are officially welcome to worship God at CLASFON. Bible Study Meeting holds on Mondays by 5:30 pm. CLASFON services hold by 2pm on Wednesdays at the Chapel Annex.
God Bless You


The Association of Muslim Student (AMLAS) is the umbrella body for Muslim law students in the faculty. It’s an organ of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, University of Lagos Branch.

The association is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring academic, religious and spiritual growth of its members. The core belief of the association is that a good Muslim precedes a good lawyer. We create a Muslim who while  studying to be the best in the legal discipline will also serve as a model for others.


In line with achieving our said objectives, we organize diverse session-long programmes to foster the academic and spiritual uplift of our members. These among others, include:

BI-WEEKLY MEETINGS: Our meetings hold on Wednesdays. The meeting focuses on topics that are fundamental to the understanding of Islam. A double package of legal workshops also hold in the meetings.

ORIENTATION PROGRAMME: The Association holds the orientation program for the new students and also the 200level students’ i.e. direct entry. The Orientation Day seeks to equip the students with the basic information they need to give them a stable reception into the Faculty and the university as well.

ANNUAL LECTURE:  an annual-lecture which invites the entire students of the Faculty to listen to discussions from erudite scholars on prevailing legal issues in the society.

SCARFACE: The Scarface is a programme specifically for Muslim women. The programme seeks to discuss very important issues as it relates to Muslim women in the present age. Over the years, the programme has proven to be an essential platform for inter-religious mixing. In turn, it fosters good understanding among the religions in the faculty.

Members also attend a variety of programmes organized by the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, University of Lagos Branch.

The Mooting Society
The Mooting Society

The Mooting Society is a student organization under the aegis of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos established in September 2008. The society was established under the regime of Professor Oyelowo Oyewo, who was prompted by the need to have an organized student body to readily undertake the task of representing the Faculty of Law at competitions nationally and internationally.


The mandate of the society is to cultivate and develop crucial lawyering skills in students of the faculty. In compliance with this mandate, our activities include: Mooting, Mock Trials, Model United Nations, Legal Writing, Client Counseling, Debates and Public Speaking.


The Mooting Society, in line with the vision for its creation, has represented the Faculty Of Law in several competitions both nationally and internationally. These competitions include

  • Honorable George U. Timinimi National Moot and Mock Competition
  • Wole Olanipekun (SAN) Moot Competition
  • Bamidele Aturu Moot & Mock Trial Competition
  • The African Human Rights Moot Court Competition
  • Commonwealth International Criminal Justice Moot Court Competition
  • University of Oxford Price Media Law Moot Court Programme
  • Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
  • Nuremberg International Criminal Law Moot Court competition
  • National Model United Nations
  • Olasupo Shasore SAN Inter-University Moot and Arbitration Competition


We have not only participated in these competitions but have succeeded in them. As a society we believe in hard work and dedication. Through rigorous and thorough training we have been able to excel in these competitions.  We have won several awards and recognitions for our oratory prowess and the quality of our memorials.

The Book Club
The Book Club


The Book Club was established as an egalitarian society where everyone converges, not to admire the academic prowess of another but to participate in a venture that seeks to develop the varied ramifications of the members’ academic lives. It kicked off during the 2012/2013 academic session in the Law Class ‘o’ 2016. The idea was conceived by a man who is a visionary as of right(Birthright? I could say yes). ‘Cogito, Operor, Consequor’, the heading of this write up, is our slogan in the club which stands for ‘Think, Work, Achieve’ while“Re-awakening self discovery” is our motto, due to the fact that it was started as a result of a strong desire to re-awaken the unmistakable ways and reading habit noticeable in the learned people of our noble profession.

The aim of the Club spans the frontiers of varied life phenomena most especially the academic. In the Club, we seek to discuss the courses which we offer during any current session.

Law is bulky and you would wonder how the Book Club achieves this feat. What we do is that we choose a few topics in a particular course beforehand and we read through on an individual basis. We then converge on our meeting days at different levels to purge out our various opinions about the topics chosen and where there is a major disagreement, we resort to the prescribed text and sometimes the statute that pertains to the issue and our lecturers. This means, though ‘puerile’ in the opinion of some self-acclaimed ‘gurus’, has been working wonders for several.

In the Book Club, we also try to read a literary work in two week and partake in other non-academic activities aimed at impacting our members and the society at large through charity.

Justice Oputa Chamber
Justice Oputa Chamber

“The Justice Oputa Student’s Chamber is one of the four chambers in the faculty of law university of Lagos. The chamber upholds the ideals of commitment and hardwork in every area. The studenr’s  chamber is very involved in clinical legal education as well as community service. JOC has “law to the layman” as well as “YARN ( youths addressing radical notions)” as its main events, with other wonderful weekly meetings on the side. JOC prides itself in teaching the practical tenets of the law.

Taslim Elias Chambers
Taslim Elias Chambers



Justice Kayode Eso Chambers
Justice Kayode Eso Chambers



Gani Fawehinmi Students’ Chambers
Gani Fawehinmi Students’ Chambers

The Gani Fawehinmi Students’ Chambers, University of Lagos, Nigeria, is a registered student body named after the late globally renowned legal luminary, Chief Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi (SAM, SAN), who lived between 1938 and 2009. He also doubles as our life patron.

We build a crop of young, brilliant, hardworking and proficient law students who in turn render value to the society. Our programmes and activities are aimed at sharpening the advocacy and lawyering skills of our members, placing particular attention on the Gani brand.

We organise human rights campaigns, political discourse, aplomb enforcement and other crusades that are germane to the dispensation of justice and is crucial to nation building. We create awareness with our programmes because we believe that only enlightened societies thrive.

We organise  three major programmes annually:

  1. The Hon Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour Moot and Mock Trial Competition: Chambers were set up by the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos to simulate the practicality of law through regular trainings on brief writing, moot and mock trial competition. This competition seeks to showcase and reward the advocacy skills of students of the faculty of law, University of Lagos.
  2. The Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Symposium: Corollary to the ideology of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, the symposium is aimed at addressing and proffering solutions to pertinent human rights and anti-corruption issues bedevilling the nation.
  3. The Colloquium: The colloquium addresses and profers solution to national issues through a convergence of students and lawyers who have carved a niche for themselves in the legal profession

We also avail our members the following:

  1. Internship Schemes: Students are attached to high cadre law firms around Lagos, where they get exposed to the practicality and functionality of law and also get an opportunity to improve their resume.
  2. 2. A Library Facility: We boast of a conducive library facility with up to date law reports and journals to meet the teeming research needs of our members.
  3. The School of Advocacy: This is a scheme where seasoned lawyers are invited by the chamber to train its members in requisite advocacy skills as; brief writing, moot, mock trials, client counselling etc.
  4. The Agora: The Agora is our weekly meeting; it is also called the General Assembly. The Agora avails every advocate the opportunity to air their views on current political and legal issues.


The Gani Fawehinmi Students’ Chamber was named the Best Student Association in the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos in 2012, 2014 and 206 respectively.


Dr Obi Ezekwesili at the 2017 G.F.S.C Anti-corruption and human rights symposium.

A Cross Section of delegates at the 2017 G.F.S.C’s Anti-corruption and human right symposium

Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN ( Former Gov of Lagos state and Minister of the FRN), Henry Ikwunemere Former Head of Chamber), Rear Admiral Nndubisi Kanu (Former Military Gov of Lagos state) Prof ItseSagay (Patron Gani Fawehini Students’ chamber) and Mrs Ganiyat  Fawehinmi.

Hon Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour (JSC)  and Henry ikunemere (HOC) at the Rhodes-Vivour moot competition.

A Cross Section of associates at the G.F.S.C’s 2018 School of Advocacy.


The Tax Club
The Tax Club

About The Tax Club                                

The core drive of The Tax Club from inception is the creation of tax awareness amongst Nigerian youths emphasizing the importance of taxation in the Nigerian society, as there is great disinterest towards the subject of taxation.

Tax Club started with an average attendance of 25 students per weekly meetings in 2005 when the association was inaugurated. As at 2017, we pride ourselves with a minimum attendance of about 120 students per meeting.

The membership of the Club is at 260, and cuts across the departments of Law, Accounting, and Economics, though the bulk of the registered members and followers are Law students.

Similarly, Club now has massive followership on social media platforms. Especially twitter where a lot of enlightenment is carried out through the #TaxThursday platform. Tax Thursday is a weekly or biweekly discussion where salient issues on taxation are discussed by the students and joined by Tax experts.

Pursuant to aforementioned objectives, the Tax Club holds weekly Wednesday programs, wherein salient and contemporary matters bordering taxation are discussed. Bound by a flexible schedule, we meet at 2:00pm at the Faculty of Law Theatre, with guest lecturers gracing our meetings on some occasions.

Furthermore, the Club organizes periodic symposiums to address tax law, policy and administration, whilst also embarking on sensitization programs, and walks, with the drive to educate the public on the essentials of, and importance of taxation in our national life.

We, in addition, organize competitions, such as the annual NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES TAX DEBATE (popularly called the National Tax Debate), where tax issues are examined.

We have also organized a Youth tax Summit, a summit intended to discuss sacrosanct tax issues prevalent in Nigeria

We also engage in journal and paper publications as well as reviews of Tax laws, amongst others. The last publication of the Tax journal is titled the “Tax Anthology”.

The Tax Club, University of Lagos has impacted the essence of taxation in university students for the past decade.

The Club has won the CITN National Tax quiz for the third year.

We have been student delegates at the Annual CITN Tax Conference for the past 5 years

We took part in the World Universities Comparative Project Legal ratings organized by Allen & Overy Global Law Intelligence Unit.

We have organized the ‘TAX WALK’ an awareness procession to orientate, enlighten and educate the populace at large (Bariga axis And Tejuoso Market, Surulere and Iponri in 2014 and 2015, 2017, 2018 respectively). The Tax walk emerged with the aim of building the interest of taxation amongst the Nigerian student, and boosting the tax culture amongst the Nigerian man, this facilitated by the help of the Club’s sponsors, patrons and mentors

We have a framework for the ‘TAX EXPERIENCE’: a career platform to enable our members closely observe and learn from seasoned professionals’ in their work place. The tax experience a departure from the customary career fairs which give no real practical insights into the diverse practice areas of taxation.

We have provided a platform for other schools to startup their own Tax Clubs which was one of the objectives of the National Tax Debate-promoting tax culture across the country. Currently we have facilitated the creation of our other tax clubs (UI, OAU, UNN, UNIMAID, and UNILORIN)

The Club, in addition, boasts of massive social media followership, as well as a huge fan base within and outside the University of Lagos.

The Oil and Gas Bar
The Oil and Gas Bar

The Oil and Gas Bar is the first and foremost association within the faculty established to cater to those students with an interest in and inclination towards the structure and intricacies of the Energy Sector with particular emphasis on the legal aspect.

The Bar consists of exceptionally bright and focused students and our affiliations include Local and International oil corporations, law firms, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) and stakeholders in the Nigerian Energy Industry among others. By organizing events ranging from bi-weekly meetings, online discussion sessions and panels to workshops and conferences, the Bar allows students to explore the entire length and breadth of the legal aspect of the energy industry.

Being a vibrant and student-focused organization, The Bar continually affords students a wide-range of opportunities to create and implement ideas for activities, expand and fortify their knowledge about Oil and Gas law and pursue a career in the Energy Sector.

Programmes and Activities

Bi-weekly meetings: The Bar serves as a platform for educational and practical sessions.

Workshops and Summits: Every year, The Bar organizes a special workshop and a summit both of which are aimed at inviting professionals and experts in the sector to give our members a sense of what the industry entails and enlighten them on the practical aspects of oil and gas law.

Competitions: The Bar organises her own and participates in other competitions within and beyond the faculty. We are represented by our members who have maintained a tradition of success.

Annual Journal: Oil and Law is an elective offered by the faculty. In line with our aim to foster academic excellence of our members, the Bar has established a journal which consists of articles written by its members, academics and professionals alike.

Career Advancement & Internships: We also seek to provide our members with internship opportunities where they will acquire practical experience in the general legal practice and the oil and gas sector.

The Maritime Forum
The Maritime Forum

The Maritime Forum is a student society established in 2015 by a committee of seven(7) law students who observed to the dearth the interests of Undergraduates and recent graduates in the Maritime industry and felt the need to create an awareness about the Maritime Industry to the economic development of Nigeria. The Committee was headed by Balogun Adeniyi ( the coordinator and founder of the Society) the society has been able to carry out various educative and enlightenment programmes within and outside the University community.

The Forum has the corporate purpose to engage students who aspire to develop a career in the Maritime Industry. This purpose is established through organising seminars, skill acquisition and empowerment programmes, internships, and scholarships, technical training and other activities within the University community. The Forum aims to be an Umbrella Organization for Students interested in the Maritime Industry providing a platform for youth-led programmes , a forum for dialogue and a network of future experts in the Maritime Sector and finally to place the Maritime Industry at forefront of the Revitalization of the Nigerian economy through active education of the Youth.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Society
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Society

The ADR SOCIETY ( Alternative Dispute Resolution) is a student body set up to teach students and it’s members the whole concept of ADR mechanisms. The Society was established in June 2013. It has over 200 members and an Executive team of 13 students between levels 300-500 level.

Apart from the lectures on ADR, the Society engages in various co-curricular activities which include:

  • Tea Time with ADR: This is a program in which students come together alongsideseasoned experts in the field of arbitration and mediation to discuss salient issues affecting the concept of ADR.
  • 2nd ICC International Conference: The members of the ADR Society were opportuned to be participants at the second ICC Regional Arbitration Conference. There were syndicate sessions and experts in the field of and were in attendance. Students had the opportunity to network with expatriates and also learn a lot.
  • Arbitration Moot Competition: Students of the Society participated in the Arbitration Moot Competition against other students from other schools and the representatives of the ADR Society emerged winners. Some students currently undergoing training in preparation for the next competition proposed to hold this year.
  • ADR Walk: The ADR SOCIETY in conjunction with the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse go on an outreach to a particular location in order to sensitise the general public on the benefits of mediation. This is done in preparation for the Lagos Settlement Week.
  • Lagos Settlement Week: This is a week selected by the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse wherein dispute resolutions will be free. The students of the Society engage in this activity by working as staff of the Lagos State High Court at Ikeja and Igbosere High Court where they help in the activities and also gain first hand experience.
  • CIArb Entry Course: Final year students of the ADR Society are open to the CIarb entry course after which they take an exam to become associates of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Through the ADR Society they get to take this training at a discount of about 50%.

The ADR Society is student friendly and engages it’s members on the advantages of ADR by granting internship opportunities to members of the Society in arbitration firms, institutions and litigation firms. The students learn a lot and get a wide range future opportunities.


Employers over the years have shown a bias for employing students of the University of Lagos. This bias is one we have consciously created by our meticulous training of our students in general legal advocacy as well introducing them to specialized fields…


Beyond the four walls of the classroom, we have over the years developed a series of programmes and events which have become quasi-statutory as their impact on the students have over the years sealed their value

The Lex Observer
The Lex Observer

The Lex Observer is an annual publication of the Law Students Society. It serves as a Legal magazine made by the Law Students’ Society for the University and The Legal World as a contribution towards development of all round legal education in Nigeria. The traditional publication which is handled by the Public Relations unit of the Society seeks to;

  • Be a physical representative of the activities and events of the society whilst sampling opinions and views of the students in the society
  • Allow for a tangible medium of expression of views of students of the Prestigious Faculty of Law, University of L:agos on various socio-cultural, legal, religious and political issues
  • Inspire law students with engaging interviews with the Faculty’s Outstanding Lecturers.
  • Inspire law students with engaging interviews with notable and reputable legal luminaries
  • Represent the body in the University of Lagos and Nigeria at large. Thus serving as publicity in essence
  • Raising awareness and educating students on the Sustainable Development Goals


The magazine is sectionalized to aid easier reading and cater for the needs of the diverse minds that exist within the faculty and the world at large. These and several other novel ideas makes this publication one of its kind and a must have. The 8th Edition will be launched at the Law Dinner 2018

The Abiola Ojo Sports Festival
The Abiola Ojo Sports Festival

The most prestigious sporting event in the University of Lagos, and undoubtedly the most anticipated. Named after the Late Professor Abiola Ojo, an erudite scholar of the Faculty of Law, who during his career in the Faculty gave students the chance to embrace and develop their sporting abilities.

Often regarded by many in and around the Faculty as the L.S.S Games and already in its 9th edition, the festival is very similar with the Olympic Games, with a great host of events including Football, Basketball, Athletics amongst others .The term ‘Festival’ is of great significance as it attracts no less than 14,000 students within the university, because Faculty of law is the most revered Faculty in our institution and all our events get the entire university populace buzzing. The winners of each individual events are to be awarded trophies and medals for their achievements with the team with the most medals wining the competition. The event promises to be colorful as a host of great Nigerian sporting personalities are set to grace the event.

The Law Class of 2021 emerged as the class with most medals at the last Festival, whilst the Law Class of 2020 emerged as the winners of the Football tournament.

Legal Compendium
Legal Compendium

Legal Compendium is a compendium of competitions to showcase the very soft legal skills acquired by the students during the academic session. The event features competition among the four (4) students chambers wherein in an overall winner emerges from the event. The skills to be assessed are;

  • Moot
  • Mock Trial
  • Brief Writing
  • and Client Counselling.

The Overall Winner emerges as the Chamber of the Year alongside a cash prize of N100, 000. The First and Second Runners-Up get a cash prize of N75, 000 and N50, 000 respectively.

Law Ladies Day
Law Ladies Day

Law Ladies Day is a highly anticipated event created not only to address issues faced by women but celebrate achievements while inspiring, motivating and igniting the fire for greater accomplishments. Over the years, we have had well-seasoned and reputable individuals cut across different sectors of the society as panelists. They include, Lanre Olusola, Kemi Adetiba, Alibaba,Dr Arin Oluwo amongst others. The 2018 Edition is themed, ONCE UPON A TIME; Telling the stories, Celebrating achievements, Igniting for purpose.

Once upon a time, women were disadvantaged, restricted, conditioned to traditional gender roles and so many other limiting factors. However, the story has changed. Women are breaking free from such notions, setting standards and leaving indelible marks in various sectors of the society. We are celebrating these game changers and using their stories as a source of inspiration to us.

However, we do not forget that these challenges still exist. Taking it a notch higher this year, we are going out and documenting real life experiences of women.

Four-fold plan:

Award ceremony: To celebrate women that have broken grounds, accomplished feats and serve as a source of inspiration to young females and the coming generation.

Documentary: Yearly, we have listened to extremely inspiring experiences during the event. This year, we intend to have a permanent form and expose to the world issues still lurking faced by women. The students from the faculty are going out to document struggles, strengths and successes of women cut across different strata of the society that will be reviewed and launched at the event.

Open Contests: Various competitions (literary, art, photography etc) will be held via social media and during the event to create larger awareness and involvement in the discussions.

Panelist session: A round table of well-seasoned individuals to thrash out the ever evolving issues facing women.

The great impact of this event so far has been enormous not only to the females and males present but has created a momentum and spurred the change we all want to see.

Law Awards Night and Alumni Dinner
Law Awards Night and Alumni Dinner

This is the biggest faculty dinner in the University of Lagos, looked forward to and attended by over a thousand students across all departments in the University.

Set aside to recognize and celebrate members who have distinguished themselves in various endeavors during the session while allow for a platform to discuss and engage mind boggling issues in the Legal circle in a relaxed and entertaining environment. It is the turn up of the year.

In a bid to further engender unity and allow our members a networking platform with members of the Faculty Alumni who have excelled and distinguished themselves in their various fields of endeavor, the 2018 Edition will feature the launch of the UNILAG LAW UNIFIED ALUMNI Body and bring under one roof, fifty-five years of excellence and five years of budding greatness.

The A.B Kasunmu Annual Lecture
The A.B Kasunmu Annual Lecture

The A. B. Kasunmu Annual Lecture is held in honor of Professor Alfred Bamidele Kasunmu, a former Dean of Law, University of Lagos (1973-1975), one time Attorney General of Lagos State (1975-1978) and a foremost Senior Advocate in the Nigerian Bar. The Annual event currently in its 10thEdition pulls crowd from the Legal world.

  • Speakers at previous editions include;
  • Funke AdekoyaSAN-2017

•Professor Akin Oyebode-2016

The Law Charity Outreach
The Law Charity Outreach

The maiden edition of the Law Charity Outreach held in June, 2017 with donation of clothes, shoes, bags and food to members of the Makoka Community in Lagos. The program was a success as it afforded our members the opportunity to appreciate their position within the economic strata and also feel the plight of the under privileged. The 2018 Edition, will in addition to the donation of items and materials feature the teaching of certain skills to members of under-privileged communities and empower them. We will partner with Foundations with similar goals and objectives and also state actors who will in turn empower them financially in order to assist them in turning the acquired skills in economic venture thereby lifting them out of their current economic strata.

The Law’s Got Talent
The Law’s Got Talent

The Laws Got talent is an annual event aimed at showcasing the various talents found among law students besides debate, moot and mock trials.  An event that has grown over the years to become the expectation of the 35,000 students within the University of Lagos campus and even surrounding tertiary institutions like the Yaba College of Technology, Yaba and the Federal College of Education, Akoka. The events holds annually at the University of Lagos Main Auditorium with a 3000 seating capacity which is always filled to the brim with the need to shut the doors on several occasions. The event has featured A-Rated entertainers over the years which include KCEE, Harrysong, Acappella, Koker of Chocolate city, with the 2018 edition featuring Mr Real and Ric Hassani and was held on the 8th of February 2018.

The Career Fair
The Career Fair

The Fair features professionals from all areas of law who give insights into the various fields of legal practice open to law students ranging from Maritime to Tax, Arbitration, Aviation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law and Practice, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private equity, Technology and Entertainment Law among others. The Career Fair has grown to become the largest student organized Career fair on the University campus with a record of 1,005 law students in attendance at the 2017 Edition. The 2018 edition was done in collaboration with the Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) with over 3000 students in attendance and was held at the Julius Berger Hall, University of Lagos on the 6th of February 2018.

"The Faculty of Law belongs to Three Stakeholders, THE PAST, THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE"

Professor Ayodele Atsenuwa (Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Lagos)





All communications are received by the LSS on secretariat@lssunilag.com. If you however have specific communications need, do communicate to our specific response team







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